Welcome to the Mindie Monthly Edition
Winners will be announced on December 28th.

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The Mindie’s Jury will select the winners of each category:

Mindie is a monthly international film festival.
Call for entries is ongoing through Filmfreeway.



  • FORGOTTEN by Adam Gell , United States
  • A Captain Unafraid (52min cut) by Charles O’ Brien , Ireland
  • About Us by MARTIN KRAFT , Argentina
  • Breaking the Sound Barrier by Eric Limarenko, Patty Williamson , United States
  • Portrait of an American Gangster “The Baby Sam Story” by C-Eddie-O & Ankhenaton , United States
  • Repression in Paradise by Alving Garcia , United States
  • Where There Is Darkness by Sean Bloomfield, Cimela Kidonakis , United States



  • 2 by Marcelo Presotto , Brazil
  • A Chance of Snow by James Christopher , United States
  • American Bistro by Arthur Diennet , United States
  • Baokchambab by Manish Sharma , Cambodia
  • Obamas by Moussa Djigo , Canada
  • Pilgrim by Julian Jakobsmeyer , Germany


MINI-SHORT – 1 minute films

  • Bang Bang by Desmond Confoy , United States
  • Endure by Jordan Arteaga , United States
  • ‘Gossip Ghouls’ by Desmond Confoy , United States
  • Longing by begütay temurhan , Turkey
  • Stood Up by Jeff Vande Zande , United States
  • The choice by Alberto Vianello , Italy
  • The Docks – A 60 Second Noir by Matthew D Gilpin , United Kingdom
  • Twisted Sister by Jeff Vande Zande , Not Specified


SHORT FILM – under 10 minutes

  • “Corey” by Andrea Carusi , United States
  • A bullet – Sam’s confession by Tsai Tsai , Taiwan
  • A Sari for Pallavi by Kate Chamuris , United States
  • Choices by Jacob Fuller , United States
  • Crossing by Morgan Dameron , United States
  • Dark Burn by Junyuan Guan , United States
  • Definetly Soy by Ruben Zaccaroni , United States
  • Driving Ms. Saudi by Walid Chaya , United States
  • Echoes in the Forest by Luke Alexander , United Kingdom
  • Emotional Distress by Matt Holt, Wayne Kelly , United Kingdom
  • Friend Spirit by PAINT VK , Canada
  • From Dad, To Bobby by Miguel Medina , United States
  • Helen by Camila Rizzo , United States
  • He’s ISIS by Mansoor Noor , Australia
  • IMPULSE by Timothy “CURIOUS” Starks , United States
  • It Follows by Eresha Sale , United Kingdom
  • Kindling by Emma Catalfamo , United Kingdom
  • See You Tomorrow by Katarzyna Kochany , Canada
  • Skógafoss by Niels Bourgonje , Netherlands
  • The Health Racket by Fabian Cardenas , United States
  • The Killer Postman Trailer by Micah Ellars , United States
  • The last scene by Tommaso Santambrogio , Italy
  • What’s In The Box? by Ryan Kelly , United States
  • When I Close My Eyes, I Lose CTRL by Ivan Kaiser , United States



  • A Date With Shillelagh by Jeff Stewart, Brian Johnston , United Kingdom
  • AYA by Moufida Fedhila , Tunisia
  • Banker by the Lake by Shukai Wang , United States
  • Casey229 by Nick Marshall , United States
  • CLEVELAND by David Melendez , United States
  • Damian by José Luis Anaya , Mexico
  • Dandelions by Jason Winn , United States
  • Driving For You by Jingyi Liu , United States
  • Fairy Tale by Caio Scot , Brazil
  • Flipped by Lawrence Watford , United States
  • Full Circle by Parham Hasibi , United States
  • GWYR II Vision of Times by GEORGIOS DIMITROPOULOS , United Kingdom
  • Hiraeth by Teeshay , United States
  • IN MY DREAMS by Thomas Buschbeck , Canada
  • Introducing the Super Stoked Surf Mamas of Pleasure Point by Elizabeth Pepin Silva, Paul Ferraris , United States
  • Jack by Daniele Nicolosi , Italy
  • Love Club by Em Johnson , United States
  • Mizan by Darnell Willlliams , United States
  • Ms. Piggy by Tianying Jiang , United States
  • Solipsism by Rick Rocha , United States
  • Swear By Apollo by Daniel Bethencourt , Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
  • The Creeping Ritual by Patrick Connolly , United States
  • The Unicorn Sisters by Martin Maryska and Matthew Underwood , United States
  • Traitor: A Culper Spy Story by Benji Dunaief , United States
  • Until Then by Andrew H Miller , United States
  • We lost the rumba by Rodrigo Olivar , Mexico


STUDENT FILM – under 10 minutes

  • “Corey” by Andrea Carusi United States
  • bleu by Mia El-Hajal Lebanon
  • Blue by Annie Boyle Australia
  • Boo! by Jon Meharg United States
  • Broad Daylight by Andrew Gerstenblatt , United States
  • Dark Burn by Junyuan Guan United States
  • Disavow by Beau Rich United States
  • Do you care? by Dannes Zhang China
  • Gene Lover by Tianying Jiang , United States
  • GYRL by Anaiis Cisco United States
  • Kalos by McKinley Benson, Enzo Hui United States
  • Neverland by Dana Schlieman Costa Rica
  • Preacher’s Tale by Colin Neville United States
  • Rise in Darkness by PAINT VK Canada
  • Shadow VS Light by PAINT VK United States
  • The Necklace by Selina Eichhorn United States
  • Which came first? by Leon Aksin Serbia


WEB SERIES – episodes under 15 minutes

  • N3RD PLACE – 1×01 “New Game” by Italy Francesco Fiero, Nikita Mucilli
  • Carguments by Judson Pearce Morgan United States
  • Gym Shorts by Erick Szot, John Duffy, Daniel Augustin, Chris Davies United States
  • Life Group (Episode 5) by Melissa Blue United States
  • Sucking Diesel by Maurice O’ Carroll Ireland
  • The Put Down by Shonnie Jackson United States


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