MINDIE 2017 – 2nd Miami Independent Film Festival Annual Event


We are proud to announce that Mindie 2017, the second annual event of Miami Independent Film Festival, will take place at The Historic Miami Beach Cinematheque on July 7th -8th-9th 2017.

We have selected the best 27 films and web series between the 86 semi-finalists that won the 2016 Monthy Editions. These finalists will be screened during Mindie 2017, winners will receive prizes from our sponsors like Final Draft and Movie Magic.

During Mindie 2017 there also will be Workshops and Special Screenings. Moreover we are planning Parties and Happy Hours. The event aims to create a strong relationship between filmmakers from all over the worldand and is also open to producers and distributors.

Mindie 2017 and all side events will be free for all our Filmmakers.
Further informations will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

Laura Gasperini & Valentina Vincenzini,
Festival Directors


  • Train Station by Marty Shea, Ian Bonner, Athanasia Michopoulou, Juliane Block, Hesam Dehghani, George Korgianitis, Xavier Agudo , Craig Lines, Yosef Khouwes, Tony Pietra Arjuna , Ryan Bajornas, Surya Balakrishnan, Nicola Barnaba, Julia Caiuby, Tiago Carvalho, Diane Cheklich, Todd Felderstein, Ingrid Franchi, Joy Lee, Daniel Montoya, Aditya Pawar, Andrés Sandoval, Guillem Serrano, Nitye Sood, Adrian Tudor, John Versical, Kresna D. Wicaksana, Rafael Yoshida, Bruno Zakarewicz , United States 2015
  • My Home موطني by Igal Hecht , Canada 2016
  • Two Kinds of People by Quincy Perkins , United States 2015
  • The New Politics by Joshua wong , Hong Kong 2016
  • That Little “Drive” Thing by Yoann Luis , France 2015
  • Jewish Blind Date by ANAELLE MORF , Switzerland 2015
  • SMOKE THAT TRAVELS by Kayla Briet , United States 2015
  • The Thieves of Almira by Andrew Lee , United States 2016
  • A Beautiful Trip by Louie Rosa Alicea , United States 2016
  • Rest of Your Life by Melanie Amanda Ho , United States 2015
  • The Wishgranter by Echo Wu , Kal Athannassov, John Mcdonald United States 2016
  • The Bookworm by Richard Wiley United States 2016
  • The Owls by Natalia Bougadellis Greece 2016
  MINI-SHORT – 1 minute films  
  • Net by Ao Chen , China 2016
  • Pint Puller by Jake Balfour-Lynn , United Kingdom 2016
  • Life Crisis by Luke Zammit , United States 2016
  • Labeled by Ken Davis, Emily Atkins , United States 2016


  • These New South Whales by Hari Jago Australia 2015
  • The Comeback Kids by Brian Baugh United States 2015
  • Return to Sender by Danielle M. James United States 2015
  • The Link – Web Series by Stefano Pucciano Canada 2016
  • Ride The Lightning: Vengeance by Justin Lee United States 2015
  • GREAT MINDS (LES GRANDS ESPRITS) by Benoît Pillet, Florent Colignon France 2016
  • The Tinder Games by Bridget Chun, Juliet Lopez United States 2016
  • The Partitioned by Schyler Tillett, Abanoub Andraous United States 2016
  • Stragglers episode 2 by Andy Blithe United Kingdom 2016
  • We’re NOT Friends by Don DiPetta, Ashley Bornancin United States 2016

*All finalist will be screened during Mindie 2017, except Web Series that will compete Online. Rules will be relased soon.


They call me Jeeg by Gabriele Mainetti, Italy 2016
Q&A with the editor Federico Conforti


 “Proudly made by Filmmakers for Filmmakers” 


Mindie is a monthly international film festival.
Call for entries is ongoing through Filmfreeway.