Welcome to the Mindie Monthly Edition
Winners will be announced on March 28th.

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The Mindie’s Jury will select the winners of each category:

Mindie is a monthly international film festival.
Call for entries is ongoing through Filmfreeway.



  • Joe Kroart’s World Center * by William Strang-Moya, Trevor Taylor, Colin Riley , United States
  • ALTERNATIVE FACTS: The Lies of Executive Order 9066 by Jon Osaki , United States
  • Black Sun by Charles de Kochko, Camille Courcy , France
  • Celebrity Entrepreneur by Spencer Thornton , United States
  • Clarence Clemons Who Do I Think I Am by Nick Mead , United States
  • Class of 2032: Schooling for the Digital Age by Matthew Worwood , United States
  • Last Year at the Crossing by Kathy Bruner , United States
  • Ocean Quest XPRIZE Competition Documentary by Shane Vertmooten , United States
  • Prepare Now – screener 2019 by Peter Charles Downey , Australia
  • The Ancestors’ Memories by Arata Shigeno , Myanmar
  • The Tune of Baiyang Lake by Wang Qi , China



  • Alexander Jamieson by Brad Batchelor , United States
  • Baby For President by Vincenzo Vermicelli, Alex Justo Zulueta , United States
  • Charlie/ “La Vie Magnifique De Charlie” by Bobby Huntley , United States
  • Counterplay by Ty Durden , United States
  • Enjoy Yourself by George Massimillo , United States
  • Gangsters by Marque Dixon , United States
  • Here to Mars by Micah Atkinson , United States
  • Meant to be Broken by Jonathan Zuck , United States
  • Sincerely, Brenda by Kenneth R. Nelson Jr. , United States
  • Soldiers of Embers by Danny Cotton , United Kingdom
  • The Blonde Hair Murders by Jerome-Anthony Larkin , United States
  • The People of the Heavenly Kingdom(English Subtitled) by The Church of Almighty God , Italy
  • The Silver Screen Roadshow by David Metzger , United States


MINI-SHORT – 1 minute films

  • Assaprex by Brandon Shapiro , United States
  • Ballet of Balance by Sydne Horton , United States
  • Date Night by Kevin Bethune-Jackson , United States
  • Do you love me? by Danny Camacho , Dominican Republic
  • Informal Meeting by ALDIVAN TEIXEIRA TORRES , Brazil
  • Mass destruction by ALDIVAN TEIXEIRA TORRES , Brazil
  • MI DI WORM no. 10 by Barbara Peikert , Switzerland
  • Mikey’s Night In (1-minute Film) by Isaias Zai Gallardo , United States
  • No.1 Son-in-Law by Jeff Vande Zande , United States
  • Parallel world by ALDIVAN TEIXEIRA TORRES , Brazil
  • Search Party by Jeff Vande Zande , United States
  • Somebody’s Hungry by Brandon Shapiro , United States
  • The Witch of Light by ALDIVAN TEIXEIRA TORRES , Brazil
  • What is love by ALDIVAN TEIXEIRA TORRES , Brazil


SHORT FILM – under 10 minutes

  • Alpha Omega by Clément Papillon , France
  • Behind the Scenes by Michael Speigner , United States
  • Break The Surface by Kelly Bergsma , Australia
  • CANADA by Ron Phippen , United States
  • Chapter Five by Felicia McNair , United States
  • Getting Out by Mitchel Worley , United States
  • Ghost Affair by Declan Cole-Flynn , Australia
  • Glimmers of Light by Lorenzo Borghini , Italy
  • Good Neighbor by Keryn Gibson Bell , Not Specified
  • Gwyr: Reflections by Georgios Dimitropoulos , United Kingdom
  • Hale and Garlic by yuan yue , United States
  • Happy Anniversary by Adele Robinson Rodriguez , United States
  • Hear Me by Jesse Haaja , Finland
  • Her Favorite Flowers by Adam D. Crain , Not Specified
  • Justin Time by William Mendoza , United States
  • Keep Out Of Children’s Reach by Gustavo Sanchez , Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
  • Kwabena by Déwun Owusu , United States
  • Lullaby by Bobby Serros , United States
  • Namibia with Paganel by Andrii Andreiev , Ukraine
  • Nana Roxie’s Revenge by Bobby Huntley , United States
  • Run Hermes by Kevin Short , United States
  • Selkie by Amy Frear , United States
  • Sisterly Love by Clare Pickering , Australia
  • Star And Moonboy In: Turn To Stone by Daniel Ozella , United States
  • The Last Gift by Felicia McNair , United States
  • Tomorrow by Joi Banks , United States
  • TORMENT by Eddie Poletto , United States
  • Wokeman: On Race by Riley Thomas , United States



  • A Dream Deferred by Mike Lee , United States
  • Beyond Her Lens by Tereza Hirsch , Czech Republic
  • Boricua by Sharilyn Vera , United States
  • Bosa by Aitana Serrallet , Spain
  • Dear Eduardo by JOSEPH TEAGUE , United Kingdom
  • Diamond In The Rough by Jackie English , Canada
  • Echoes in Silence by Viktoria I.V. King , United States
  • EVA minus CANDELA by Ruth Caudeli , Colombia
  • Forget Me Not by Joanne Casimir , United States
  • GRIND by AJ Silva , Australia
  • INSANE LOVE – when love hides something you don’t wanna see by Eitan Pitigliani , Italy
  • Kaminski-Files: The Voodoo-Cult by Oliver Langewitz , Germany
  • Knee High by Marissa Vonn United States
  • Landscape by Leonardo Nussenzveig United States
  • Mohingar Tapwe!! by Yuki Kitazumi, Aung Thu Rein Myanmar
  • Monarch Butterfly by Clyde Baldo United States
  • Our Dog, Blue. by Conor Forrest , Canada
  • Over Night by Kendall Christianson Not Specified
  • Portraitist by cyrus neshvad Luxembourg
  • Ride the Line by Carlos Andres Cuervo, Ben Reid United States
  • Rita by Agata Marciniak , Poland
  • Road Kill by Ty Trullinger United States
  • Siphonophore by Linnea Pihl Sweden
  • Something Left to Give by Rick Danford United States
  • Suicide Files by Marc Brissett, United States
  • The After Party by Colin Francis Costello United States
  • The Circle by Nadine Knobloch Germany
  • The Countries we Love by Priscila Zortea, Vitor Cardoso United States
  • The Family, Your Choice by Andrea Vaccarelli Italy
  • The Girl in the Red Dress by Anngelica-Marie Eshesimua United States
  • The Iron Freedom Foundation- A Devils River Story by Cameron Cushman United States
  • The Last Delivery by Jarrod Yerkes United States
  • The Other half by Asmaa El Mouttaki Morocco
  • The Road Less Traveled by Lindsay Barrasse United States
  • The Scrolling Show by Sammie Johnson United States
  • Too Far Gone by Mark Newton United States
  • Virginity by Raza Rizvi United States


STUDENT FILM – under 10 minutes

  • Death at Dinner by Bethany Ruth Miller , United States
  • Find Yourself by Siqi Xiao , United States
  • HABIT by Cristy Trabadass , United States
  • NAERA by Ramiro Munoz , Australia
  • No Tip by Nicolo Requiestas , United States
  • Plutus by Adrian Velasquez , United States
  • Self Pity by AE , Bahamas
  • Slides by Andres Padilla , United States
  • Special Chino by Ramiro Muñoz , Australia
  • The Roachman by David Herrera , United States


WEB SERIES – episodes under 15 minutes

  • Dependence (Web Series) by Cris Thorne, Desmond Thorne , United States
  • Faith Works by Stacey Long , United States
  • Guess I’m a Ghost by Christopher Sullivan, Nicole Danser , United States
  • SHAW: The Webseries by Kerey Viswanathan , United States
  • THE MAN CODE EPSD 7 by Ashton Gloven , United States
  • Hooked by Anthony Patellis , United States
  • Millennial Jenny by Emmett Skilton , New Zealand
  • Or So the Story Goes: Knock Knock (Ep 3) by Theresa Labreglio , United States
  • Outside In by Laura Nordin , Canada
  • The Sunny Side by Mike Swift , United States
  • Unterm Birnbaum in Puchheim by Matthias Horbelt , Germany
  • Unterm Birnbaum in Puchheim by Matthias Horbelt , Germany
  • Vlog dos Artistas by Roberta Suele , Not Specified


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