Welcome to the Mindie Monthly Edition
Winners will be announced on July 31th.

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The Mindie’s Jury will select the winners of each category:

Mindie is a monthly international film festival.
Call for entries is ongoing through Filmfreeway.


  • Immortal Curseby Malcolm Harvard
  • Gary Balough : A Checkered Pastby Charlie Askew, Alicia Zubikowski


  • The Simileby SS Jishnu Dev
  • PASTby Kiran Kondamadugula
  • Shadowsby Michael Matteo Rossi

MINI-SHORT – 1 minute films

  • Feel The Love IIby Sven Allenbach
  • Bathing Beautyby Jim Mendrinos
  • Clowning Aroundby Robert Cunniff
  • The Glowing Wrath (Shortcut to Heck)by Isaias Zai Gallardo
  • Micro Movies – Roomserviceby Florian Meimberg
  • Micro Movies – The Testby Florian Meimberg
  • Micro Movies – The Visitorby Florian Meimberg
  • Aufseherin (1 minute)by David Valverde Martínez, Naiara Tymkiw, Ludmila Rudin
  • Life of a soapby I B Karthikeyan

SHORT FILM – under 10 minutes

  • Addicted to Pornby Daryl Denner
  • The Shotby Kristopher Colavecchio
  • Love in the Time of COVIDby Marco Berrios
  • Wonderlandby Padrick Ritch
  • Planet Blue – Journey to Ecoby Rickey Boyd
  • Ladies, Have We Progressed? 1920’s-2020’sby Millicent Binks
  • One Touchby Luca Acito
  • Mom and Dadby Gergő Elekes, József Gallai
  • DAY ONEby Victoria Saiz, Tristan Wauchope
  • Just a Hunchby Tim Jim Lin
  • Give In
  • So, What Do You Think?by Jeffrey John Eyamie
  • Seven Wishesby KAROLINA Bomba
  • The Next Stopby Janice Derosier


  • No Internetby Kyle Lawrence
  • After Hoursby Erin Hodges Tankersley
  • With arms wide openby George Paraschiv
  • eliby Julio Mendez
  • Salvadorby Angel Janer, Juan Maco Jones
  • Rangerby Michael Winfield
  • OUR PLANET : Before and After Covid-10by Dircia Hernandez
  • Grassmanby Manuel Zambrano
  • Leaperby Ryan John
  • Killing Small Animalsby Marcus Svanberg
  • Lockdown Lunch Clubby Déwun Owusu
  • Crosswalk – 30-minute versionby Jim Burger, Michelle Burger
  • 3rd and 4th Chaptersby JSK
  • Rollingby Andrew Neylon

STUDENT FILM – under 10 minutes

  • Young Greedby George Ebro
  • A Tent, Drowningby Roberto Martell III
  • The Reunionby Jiayang Liu
  • Face to Faceby Valerie Knill
  • MacGuffinby Ilia Doppelganger
  • The Next Stopby Janice Derosier

WEB SERIES – episodes under 15 minutes

  • The Grammar Realm | Remember Sby Jeremy Arthur

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