Welcome to the Mindie Monthly Edition
Winners will be announced on July 31th.

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The Mindie’s Jury will select the winners of each category:

Mindie is a monthly international film festival.
Call for entries is ongoing through Filmfreeway.



  • La amable euforia de la danza by Miguel Castanet , United States
  • TO BE US:To Work by Tosca Davis, Cedrick Smith, Terrance Thomas , United States
  • Voice Of Siang by Joor Baruah , India
  • Bloodless: The Path To Democracy by Bared Maronian , Silva Basmajian , Armenia, Canada, United States
  • The Last Descendant of The Emperor by Liu Tianhao , China
  • United We Sing by Dan Petracca , Kenya, United Kingdom, United States



  • An Island Named Desire by james prineas , Greece
  • Spy-type Model by Kim Young il , Korea, Republic of
  • Topic of Grief by Lupe Ahern , United States
  • Welcome to the Conspiracy! by Sean Totanes , United States
  • Some Night by Enrico Banson , United States
  • Troubles by Robin Entreinger , France


MINI-SHORT – 1 minute films

  • Killing Forests by Gunga Guerra , Brazil
  • The Seven Deadly Sins by CARMEN PÉREZ GONZÁLEZ , Spain
  • HeliDUM by Mike Robbyns , Canada
  • Be More With MeMore by Evan Skladany , United States
  • FINAL MOMENTS by Dax Phelan , United States
  • Isolated by Ruben Marcelo Lopez Blaseotto , United States


SHORT FILM – under 10 minutes

  • Ramak Niakan Safi: This is Life by Jack Trent , United States
  • The Wedding Party by Richie Cerda , United States
  • I Win, You Win by Brandon McCray , United States
  • The Canvas by Andrew Griñé , United States
  • Driving Myself Crazy by Andrew Griñé , United States
  • I See Everything (w/subtitles).mpeg-2 by Brad Overbeck ,
  • Stick To Manual by Christian Antonini, Tanice Arnold , United States
  • Like Me Deadly by Sean Q King , United States
  • Life Hack by René Müller, Yannik Leibacher , Switzerland
  • State of Flux by T. D. Antoine , United States
  • Under a Pandemic Sky by Thomas Pickarski , United States



  • The Cure by Robert Short , United States
  • MAE by Emily Messana , United States
  • Richard Duncan For President by Daniel Stephen , United States
  • being there by jose feng , United States
  • Reckoning by Armando DuBon Jr, , United States
  • No One Left by Morgan Hamilton-Lee, Brendan Smith, Jen Brown , United States
  • Dose by Sven Oliver Kuerten , Germany
  • Egg Fried Rice by WAI KUEN FU , United States
  • Survival by Manyu Yang , China
  • A Boring Story by Wang Yindong , China


STUDENT FILM – under 10 minutes

  • They faced at the bakery… by , Russian Federation
  • >blk by Arlette Bokete , Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States
  • Untitled by Jeremiah Jurss , United States
  • Alexander by Alyssa Garoogian ,
  • Headspace by Jack Latham , United Kingdom
  • Tapped Out by Logan Webb , United States
  • Merging by Daniel Klain , United States
  • Seeds of Doubt by Amber Hilson , United States
  • Why did Van Gogh cut off his ear? by Jinho Moon , United States
  • Tainted Fruit by Marq Persson , Norway, Sweden
  • Nightmare by Jin Yan , United States
  • Pukka by Oliver Lin , United States
  • Satyacha Rang (The color of truth) “An inquiry into the realm of truth by Mayur chaure , India
  • …and I Feel Fine by Andrew Hallenberg , United States
  • Senior Sisters, Never Too Grey by Ahtziri Gonzalez, Jennifer Cordova, Ana Navarro , United States
  • Home: Joselyn’s Story by Susana Torres, Griselda Martinez, Isabel Lozano, Leonie Sarath, Nattaly Gomez , United States
  • Sensation by Ashley Brooke Nelson , United States
  • A Heart at War by Andrew Brown , United States
  • The Box Assassin by Jeremy Schaefer , United States
  • Somnambulism by VALEN ZENG , United States
  • Thank You by Roy Shellef , United States


WEB SERIES – episodes under 15 minutes

  • Brazzy Jazzy by Steve Becker , United States
  • Girl and Robot by Joe Loftus , Ireland
  • (Best) Friends by Raul Lezcano , United States


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