Welcome to the Mindie Monthly Edition
Winners will be announced on November 30th.

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The Mindie’s Jury will select the winners of each category:

Mindie is a monthly international film festival.
Call for entries is ongoing through Filmfreeway.



  • Patrinell: The Total Experience by Tia Young, Andrew Elizaga , United States
  • For Fear of Kofi by Marina Petrovskaia , United States
  • Stories in Rhyme: The Songwriters of the Flora-Bama Lounge by Lynn Rabren , United States
  • Savoy: Saga Of An Icon by Kshitij Sharma , India
  • Night Immersions by Gustavo Massola , Brazil
  • One Taxi Ride by Mak CK , Mexico
  • Kaye Ballard: The Show Goes On! by Dan Wingate , United States



  • 13 Mysteries by Julia Noel , United States
  • ADAVI by RAMESH G , India
  • La Città Vuota – Out of the Blue by Fabrizio Fiore, Thomas Battista , Italy
  • Mont Foster by Louis Godbout , Canada
  • Travelling cinema by Iliya Kostov , Bulgaria
  • EKOUA by Abel KOUAME , Côte d’Ivoire
  • Sunset on the River Styx by Aaron Pagniano , United States
  • THERAPY Original Motion Picture + Soundtrack by Dame Pierre II , United States
  • Portugal is not for sale by André Badalo , Portugal


MINI-SHORT – 1 minute films

  • Turkey Teacher by Barbara West , United States
  • NASTY WATER! by Frank Luchs , Switzerland
  • One Man’s Trash: 1 Minute Edition by Jacob Updyke , United States
  • Free Pudding by Harry Thomas , United States
  • Fleeting Arrow by Lukas Dexter, Sam Philpot , United States
  • Too Hard, Too Soft by Jeff Vande Zande , United States
  • HUMAN by Ágnes Gyöngyösi , Italy
  • There’s no such thing as Monsters by Matt Daniels , United Kingdom
  • Haunted by the Evil by Perica Antov, Graziella Schwaiger , Austria


SHORT FILM – under 10 minutes

  • Bathroom Humor by Glaserbeam , United States
  • Astronaut ( by Jelly Bean ) by Pierre Ponchant , France
  • No Laughing Matter by Jed Ackerman, Victoria White , United States
  • Pink Me Blue by Natalie MacMahon , Germany
  • Sidepiece by Teddy Tenenbaum , United States
  • anxiety by Hua Rui , China
  • Babele by Valeria Nardilli , Italy
  • Last Day by Juhui Kwon , United States
  • la vuelta de la polilla, the return of the moth by Brian C O’Malley, Daniel A Penengo , United States
  • Soft light, brilliant light by Pearl Gluck , United States
  • Intruder by Dylan Perlot , United States
  • Ouroboros by Emma Keehan , United States
  • The Absence of You by Gary O. Bennet , Not Specified
  • Dark by Yavor Rangelov , United States
  • Macy’s Goes To War by Duncan Putney , United States
  • Sounds of Four by Sitthipol Matt Pladsri , Thailand
  • Causality by Ram Azur , United States
  • Allen by Han Chuan Kuo , United States
  • White Collar Lie by Quinn Garcia , United States
  • Confession by Chuqiao Li , United States
  • Stuck by Youngbin Yang , United States
  • The Tip by Daryn Castle , United Kingdom
  • Infinito by Daniel Lares, Virginia Gonzalez-Pino , United States
  • Hive Mind by Josiah Sampson , United States
  • The Rosy Summer Day by Nicole Shan , United States



  • A Missing Winter by , Not Specified
  • Can I Play Now? by Kyle Marra , United States
  • MANIFESTATION by , Denmark
  • Taking Root by Jonah Elias , Not Specified
  • Machismo by Gabriel Duran , United States
  • MAELLE by Jordi Gueyrard , France
  • The Grey Part of Blue by Theodore Gimeno , United Kingdom
  • Modern Cowgirl by Katherine Hunsaker , United States
  • When the Music Stops Playing by Sadie Duarte , Spain
  • As One by David Spaltro , United States
  • School Crossing by Karla Caraballo-Torres, Lorin Eleni Gill , United States
  • The Necklace by Tong Shengyuan , China
  • Peace Together by Michael A. Margio , United States
  • Can Someone Hear Me? by Oskar Sjöberg , Canada
  • Coffee and a Donut by Cary Patrick Martin , United States
  • Ashes to Ashes by Taylor Rees, Renan Ozturk , United States
  • Coffee in the Morning by , Mexico
  • In My Own Right by Paul Zinder , United Kingdom
  • In the Driver’s Seat by RALPH KLISIEWICZ , Not Specified
  • One Bad Day by Julian Morales , United States
  • The Disease Detective Looks at Sarcoidosis by Laura Puccia Valtorta , United States
  • Prime Time by Luis Eduardo Villamizar , United States
  • A Missing Winter by , Not Specified
  • Flowers Don’t Grow In England | Short Film by Tanecia Britt , United Kingdom
  • Hey, Someone’s Here by Chen Yu , United States
  • Corky All Grown up by Ralph Odierna , United States
  • The Game of Many Names by Colin Hickey United States
  • LOSIN’ YOU by Aleksa Ristovic Malta
  • KATZ KRADLE by Michael Bartolotta United States
  • A Wild World by Rodrigo E. Marini Valsechi,David Santamaría González Spain
  • AWESOME! by , Spain
  • LECHO by Karoly Palfai Hungary
  • Identity Crisis by Chris Price United States
  • Acento Latino (Latin Accent) by Angelo Guevara-Malavé, Andres Gomez United States


STUDENT FILM – under 10 minutes

  • Cactus by Lídia Milette Artigas , Spain
  • K is for Kids’ TV Show by Killian Gilroy United States
  • Games Played at Night by Parker Alexander Meyers United States
  • Apartment 13 by Lara Briddon Australia
  • The Shallow by Sydney Geiger United States
  • You Reap What You Sow by Jacob Updyke United States
  • Between Doors by Xuedi China
  • Melted by Kaia Goudreau United States
  • Chalupa by Max Molitor United States
  • A Disturbed Reflection by Anthony Cintron United States
  • The Rosy Summer Day by Nicole Shan United States


WEB SERIES – episodes under 15 minutes

  • Life After Power Rangers by Jay Diaz United States
  • Area 52 by Kenzo Babin Canada
  • The Circle Intro/Episode 1(Pilot) by Carlton Thompson United States
  • Cecilia the Celibate Episode 1 by Crystal S. Roman United States
  • Its Voice e1 by Robert Smith United States
  • Eating Out: The Hunt for Sustainable Seafood – Episode 1 by Sarah Curry United States


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