We are proud to announce that for the Mindie November 2015 Edition, we have accepted 81 films.
We want to thank all the worldwide filmmakers that have been part of Mindie and we would like to congratulate the winners of the November Edition for each category, which will then compete to be screened at the event in 2016.
A big thank you to our Jury that took time to screen, evaluate and select each movie that has been submitted with extreme accuracy.

Laura Gasperini & Valentina Vincenzini,
Festival Directors

The winners for each category:



mindie-winners-november2015-poster-and the rest is history

… and the Rest is History, Germany 2014

Two shady guys in dark suits. A mysterious girl out of nowhere. A gloomy figure in a parking garage. All of them looking for the same thing, a black folder from New York. And all of them seem to think that it’s Tim who can lead them to it and help them understand its contents. For a few days Tim thought, his girlfriend leaving him would be the most drastic event in his life for a while. But all of the sudden he has to discover, there is something very strange going on around him and he better figure out what it is. Does he maybe know more than he thinks?

Directors: Niko Kühnel
Writers: Niko Kühnel
Producers: Niko Kühnel, Cornelius Kern
Key Cast: Michael Kinzer, Ulrich Jungblut, Heike Zwetz, Isabelle Stolzenburg, Marcus Ewald



mindie-winners-november2015-Letters from Generation Rx

Letters from Generation Rx, USA 2015

Academy Award winner Tilda Swinton narrates the stories of real people whose experiences on prescription psychotropic drugs didn’t align with the official narratives.

Directors: Kevin P. Miller
Writers: Kevin P. Miller
Producers: Kevin P. Miller, Todd Harris
Key Cast: Tilda Swinton



mindie-winners-november2015-poster-Urbi et Orbi Cuba

Urbi et Orbi Cuba, Cuba 2015

The documentary “Urbi et orbi Cuba” tells the historic process of reconciliation between the Cuban revolution and the Catholic faith which has culminated in the visit three Popes from 1998 to today. Director’s own recordings of the visit of John Paul II, and others followed over the next years are mixed with historical footage and interviews present a whole walk the path of rapprochement between utopia and faith along several decades. Urbi et orbi Cuba also shown in this context, as the actual Cuban expressions of faith from the worship of the patron saint of Cuba, the Virgin of Charity of Cobre, to the Afro-Cuban syncretism, resist any attempt to indoctrination foreign, forming an indestructible part of the Cuban identity.

Directors: Andros Barroso
Writers: Andros Barroso
Producers: Andros Barroso, Joe Wentrup


BEST SHORT NARRATIVE & DOCS – under 30 minutes

mindie-winners-november2015-poster-Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter, Switzerland 2014

An apocalyptic world. A team of two bounty hunters arrive too early at the place of delivery. While they wait the young woman they hold captive tries to turn the tables.

Directors: Gianna Arni
Writers: Gianna Arni
Producers: Jana Arni, David Kläui
Key Cast: Viola von Scarpatetti, Paulo dos Santos, Alexander Peutz


BEST STUDENT FILM – under 10 minutes


Pigeon, United Kingdom 2015

Short drama portraying an individual with schizophrenia, while having an underlying metaphorical theme of the stages of life. ‘Keefy’ is born in the opening and finds a tooth which is an indication to teething and growing. The film goes on in this visually metaphorical style and progresses through the stages of childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. The underlying theme is blurred with the characters mental health – such as the cutting of his hair after having a breakdown. The cutting of hair depicts old age. The film goes on in this fashion throughout with hidden connotations that allow the story to develop.

Directors: Luca Milillo
Writers: Luca Milillo
Producers: Luca Milillo
Key Cast: Richard Keefe


BEST SHORT FILM – under 10 minutes

mindie-winners-november2015-poster-Boy Bear and robot

Boy Bear and robot, Ireland 2015

A boy awakens in a cabin with an ominous warning scrawled on its wall “don’t go mountain”

Directors: Joe Loftus
Writers: Joe Loftus
Producers: Joe Loftus
Key Cast: Liam o Brien



mindie-winners-november2015-poster-The Tardy Boys

The Tardy Boys, USA 2015

After watching a fictional ’60s TV series about a pair of dysfunctional teen sleuths, a father enlists his son in an adventure of their own.

Directors: Ron Harner
Writers: Ron Harner
Producers: Ron Harner
Key Cast: Joe DeBolt, Heidi Cox, Ron Harner


BEST MINI-SHORT – 1 minute films

mindie-winners-november2015-poster-All the Better

All the Better, USA 2015

Anything can happen in the blink of an eye.

Directors: Rebecca Haffey, T
Writers: Ella Haffey
Original Music: Debbie Allen


Each month, a selection of industry professionals will screen and judge the films and determine which ones will be the monthly winners.

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